ID-Gene LTD is a company committed to developing novel DNA-based tests for environmental bioassessment and biomonitoring. Its goal is to provide regulators and industry with solutions to protect the environment while ensuring a sustainable economical growth.

We apply latest next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to detect indicator species and to provide complete biodiversity inventories, in all types of environmental samples (water, sediment, soil). We can monitor real-time environmental changes by detecting only metabolically active organisms (eRNA), and longer term changes by analyzing DNA present in the environment (eDNA).


Our cutting-edge and robust lab and bioinformatic workflows allows for reduced samples processing time and very fast data analysis.


Because we rely on DNA barcodes that covers the whole macro- and microbiome, our analyses detect environmental/biotic changes with unprecedented sensitivity.


Our services, based on rigorous and standardised experimental protocols produce top-quality data ensuring accurate and reliable evaluation of ecosystems health.


ID-Gene offers services and consulting in all activities requiring species identification (DNA barcoding), species detection in environmental DNA/RNA samples, or NGS-based environmental monitoring. We also provide expertise in NGS data analysis for biodiversity assessment and monitoring.

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DNA Barcoding

Every species can be identified by short fragments of selected genes, called “DNA barcodes”. This fast and cost-effective method can be applied to recognize incomplete specimens, life-cycle stages, tissue fragments, or organic remnants. Our expertise in DNA barcoding covers large variety of organisms from the smallest eukaryotic cells (protists) to animals.

Environmental monitoring

We provide environmental DNA/RNA tests to industrial and insurance companies, environmental protection agencies and consulting agencies using a broad spectrum of bioindicators for freshwater and marine ecosystems. Our tests can assess species richness and relative abundance of bioindicators, parasites and pests.

NGS Diversity analysis

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) provides high and cheap throughput for environmental DNA sequencing but also generates tremendous data complexity and biases. We offer extensive expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics, allowing fast and accurate multiplexed diversity analyses.



ID-Gene is involved in several R&D projects aiming at application of environmental genomics to ecodiagnostics. We continuously improve our approaches and develop novel partnership throughout the world.

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ID-Gene is composed of an active team of researchers that possess a complete set of expertise and knowledge in all fields related to environmental monitoring through DNA sequencing

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ID-Gene Ecodiagnostics LTD


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